“Beware the Ides of March” – RBNZ

Although the Ides of March refer to the 15th March, the next Monetary Policy Statement from the Reserve Bank Governor is on the 13th March and most commentators believe that this will be the first of many hikes that will see the OCR hit 4.5% by late 2015. There was a belief that RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler would start hiking last week but central banks don’t like giving exact dates. But the Christchurch rebuild and the increase in Auckland house prices will warrant higher costs of borrowing

Central Banks have often used the term ‘the neutral rate’ which refers to a rate of interest that neither stimulates the economy nor restrains economic growth. This rate is often defined as the rate which is consistent with full employment, trend growth, and stable prices – an economy where neither expansionary nor contractionary measures need to be implemented. In most economies post GFC the neutral rate of interest fell as they have required lower rates to try and encourage growth. The graph from the BNZ below shows that the neutral rate in NZ has dropped form 6% to 4.5%.

OCR Forecasts

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