Since 2008 eLearneconomics has provided a comprehensive and concise insight into understanding a multitude of economic concepts, ranging from the central ideas of demand, supply and markets, to the complexities of microeconomics and macroeconomics — all online. Easy to navigate and use, eLearneconomics provides student-centered learning with:

  • 150+ searchable topics with key notes (many with full coloured diagrams/models)
  • 1200+ searchable Economic concepts and terms
  • 4900+ cue (flash) cards
  • 4900+ written questions with answers based on past examinations
  • 8500+ tracked multiple choice test questions (many with full coloured diagrams/models) with reasoned answers
  • PDFs with questions and answers.

With 150+ searchable topics, eLearneconomics.com provides essential content for a variety of economics courses including Cambridge, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate, just to name a few.

Tried and tested activities (key notes, cue cards, written answers, multiple choice questions and PDFs) provide student-centered learning that will improve a student’s results. Easy to read key notes (accompanied by fully coloured diagrams/models) are used extensively by students to understand concepts and terms for external examinations, assignments or topic tests.

4900 fully integrated flash (cue) cards linked back to the key notes assist students to understand economic vocabulary, improve their skills, develop knowledge and build their confidence.

4900 written answers allow students to recall information and apply it to assessment style questions. Immediate feedback allows for true student-centered learning and understanding. Research shows that there is a valid and reliable link between results in multiple choice tests and examination results. With more than 8500 tracked multiple choice test questions (many with coloured diagrams and models) and the reasoned answers, the immediate feedback and results allow students to identify areas of strength and weakness vital for student-centered learning and understanding.

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