Why do Fortuna Düsseldorf FC offer free tickets

Dan Ariely in his book Predictably Irrational, stated that consumers behaviour changes when the word ‘free’ is mentioned. Free is zero price it is a powerful emotional trigger that is very tempting.

Fortuna Düsseldorf of the Bundesliga second division have decided to offer free tickets to all fans for at least three games next season in a move to try and get greater connection with the fans. The cost will be covered by sponsors with companies having signed up for a five-year deal worth €45m. 20% of those revenues will go to youth and women’s football and another 20% will go to digital infrastructure and the stadium. Fortuna have average home attendances of almost 30,000 in the second division this season although the capacity of their home ground Merkur Spiel-Arena is 54,600. Germany’s top-flight Bundesliga is the world’s best-attended football league with more than 42,000 fans on average a match.

Why give away free tickets?

  • A capacity crowd means a better atmosphere not only for the spectators but also to those watch on TV. There is more tension and excitement.
  • Spectators buy merchandise, food, drink etc at the ground and there maybe more hospitality opportunities.
  • A good experience at the ground might mean those spectators that are willing to pay for future games or even become a season ticket holders.

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