Chelsea and the most expensive substitution in football

There has been a lot of talk in football circles about the size of the Chelsea squad. There are currently over 30 players in the the first-team squad and they recently had to increase the size of the changing room to accommodate everyone. This squad size has come to the attention of the Financial Fair Play (FFP) authorities and it will necessitate a sale of some players. With a squad this size there are significant bills to pay not least the transfer fees for a number of top players.

The Price of Football is a podcast that I listen to regularly and it is presented by University of Liverpool football finance lecturer Kieran Maguire and comedian Kevin Day. They discuss some of the financial issues behind the world of football.

A recent episode – click here – looked at the most expensive substitution which was made at Stanford Bridge. The game was between Chelsea and Brighton and Hove Albion and took place in the 57th minute on Sunday 16th April 2023. The total transfer value (what Chelsea paid for these players) was those being substituted = £281.5m and those coming on to the field of play = £84.6m giving a total value of both = £366.1m. This is a sizeable amount of money and you wonder how clubs/owners can afford it.

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