Regional GDP in New Zealand – March 2022

Stats NZ has released its Regional gross domestic product: Year ended March 2022 report, which provides a geographical breakdown of economic activity within New Zealand. New Zealand’s value-added output:

  • 78% within the North Island
  • 22% within the South Island

Auckland region contributing close to 38% of New Zealand’s annual GDP with Wellington coming in second at 12.5%

  • Highest GDP per capita is the Wellington region $82,772 per capita, followed by the Auckland region $80,328 per capita.
  • Lowest GDP per capita was the Northland region, at $46,611
  • The Taranaki region recorded the highest nominal GDP per capita growth over the year (+14.3 percent), followed by the Auckland region (+11.4 percent).

A good exercise with your class is to get them to match the figures with the area of New Zealand. Figures below are in $m

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