Economics essay writing – sticking to the assessment objectives.

With the A2 Economics essay exam paper next week examiners will be marking scripts to the assessment objectives. As an examiner too often essay-style answers fail to maintain relevance to the precise question set and students revert to the safety of repetition of their notes. In most Economics AS and A Level Syllabus there are four assessment objectives:

Knowledge and understanding  – Demonstrate knowledge and understanding. 30%

Application – Interpret and apply knowledge and understanding to information presented in written, numerical or graphical form. 20%

Analysis  – Analyse economic issues and arguments, using relevant economic concepts, theories and information, and communicate conclusions in a clear, reasoned manner. 30%

Evaluation  – Critically evaluate economic information, arguments, proposals and policies, taking into consideration relevant information and economic principles and distinguishing facts from hypothetical statements and value judgements. 20%

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