New Zealand Regional GDP and GDP per capita in charts

Below are a couple of graphs that might be useful for showing the regional differences in New Zealand GDP and the GDP per capita – Year end 31 March 2020.

  • The value of the New Zealand economy is $323,142m whilst the average income in the country is $64,079.
  • 14 of the 15 regions experienced an increase in GDP (the West Coast was the only region that experienced a contraction in GDP).
  • The Auckland region has the largest regional GDP at $122,557 million.
  • Economic output in the North Island accounted for just under 78 percent of total economic output in New Zealand, with the South Island providing just over 22 percent.
  • Taranaki has the highest GDP per capita at $76,715
  • Northland has the lowest GDP per capita at $42,711

Important to note that these figures are pre Covid-19

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