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Biggest container ship ever made

Maersk have just launched the biggest shipping container ever made. 400 metres long, 59 metres wide and 73 metres high. There are 29 being made and they will be deployed on the vital Asia to Europe trade. The Triple-E class can hold 18,000 containers. Below is a video from the FT.

The Triple-E is about more than size, though. In fact the name refers to the three main purposes behind the creation — Economy of scale, Energy efficiency and Environmentally improved.

The Triple-E at a glance

*The Triple-E will emit 20% less CO2 per container moved compared to the Emma Maersk, currently the world’s largest container vessel, and 50% less than the industry average on the Asia-Europe trade lane.
*The vessels will be equipped with a waste heat recovery system, saving up to 10% of main engine power. *This equals the average annual electricity consumption of 5,000 European households.
*Triple-E vessels travel 184 kilometres using 1 kWh of energy per ton of cargo, whereas a jumbo jet travels half a kilometre using the same amount of energy per ton of cargo.

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