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Rugby events in New Zealand and the multiplier effect.

This graph shows the importance of rugby events to visitor numbers in New Zealand. Both the British Lions Tour in 2004 and the Rugby World Cup in 2011 had the effect of increasing numbers significantly. Analysis completed for Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) by Market Economics reveals that RWC 2011 resulted in an estimated NZ$512 million net additional expenditure for Auckland between 2006 and 2012. When flow-on expenditure is added (the multiplier effect), Auckland’s economy grew by NZ$728 million over that period.

The Top 10 sectors that experienced the greatest shares of economic growth over the period 2006-2012 due to RWC 2011 were:

1. Property and business services NZ$202 million

2. Construction NZ$109 million

3. Manufacturing NZ$87 million

4. Accommodation, Cafés, Restaurants NZ$71 million

5. Transport and storage NZ$69 million

6. Retail trade NZ$69 million

7. Wholesale trade NZ$66 million

8. Finance and insurance NZ$57 million

9. Cultural and recreational services NZ$53 million

10. Communications services NZ$28 million

Visitors to New Zealand

Visitors to NZ

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