NZ General Social Survey 2012 – Wellbeing

The New Zealand General Social Survey of 2012 showed some interesting facts regarding wellbeing:

An estimated 87 percent of people were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their lives overall.

Four aspects of life were important in determining people’s overall life satisfaction: health, money, relationships, and housing.
In 2012 an estimated:

* 60 percent of New Zealanders rated their health as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’
* 52 percent had ‘more than enough’ or ‘enough’ money to meet their everyday needs
* 69 percent had not felt lonely in the last four weeks
* 67 percent had no major problems with the house or flat they lived in.

– 21 percent of New Zealanders had good outcomes in all four of these (ie excellent or very good health, more than enough or enough money, never felt lonely, and no major housing problems). 

– 98 percent of those with four good outcomes were satisfied or very satisfied with their lives overall.

– 5.4 percent of New Zealanders did not have a good outcome in any of the four aspects of life. Of these people, 56 percent were satisfied or very satisfied with their lives overall.

NZ General Survey

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