New Zealand Merchandise Exports – Milk products the driver.

In the year ended March 2013, New Zealand’s merchandise exports totalled $46,182 million. The breakdown is as follows:

Australia $9,738 million
China $7,414 million
USA $4,338 million
Japan $3,143 million

NZ Trade Yr Mar13 - Country
Exports to the top ten destination countries accounted for approximately two-thirds of New Zealand’s merchandise exports by value. See chart below for percentages. With regard to the composition of exports the breakdown is as follows:

Milk power, butter and cheese products are $11,434 million
Meat and edible offal $5,287 million
Logs, wood, and wood articles $3,274 million
Crude oil $1,767 million

The top ten export commodities accounted for 64 percent of export value in the March 2013 year. With regard what destination it was sent from we can see the following:

34% of are sent from the Port of Tauranga
11% exported from the Ports of Auckland and Lyttleton Port
10% exported from Auckland International Airport

NZ Trade Yr Mar13- Commod


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