Hyperinflation in Hell

Back into after the summer break in New Zealand – and to start the academic year a very amusing presentation by the only economics stand up comedian.

It was presented at the 2013 American Economic Association Humor Session by Yoram Bauman, a young environmental economist at the University of Washington. Bauman wavers between different opinions – the economics of hell and heaven. In the afterlife he talks about burning joss paper as an ancient Chinese practice which passes on money to those family members that are deceased. He also talks about massive increases in M4 as a major contributor to hyperinflation.

One thought on “Hyperinflation in Hell

  1. nzicipadtb January 24, 2013 / 6:27 pm

    Hi mark, Happy new year. This is a brilliant find! Thanks. Geoff

    From my iPhone – Geoff Evans (021) 777251


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