Great Poster – A Visual History of Financial Crises

Following on from the poster set, “Tracking the Credit Crisis” from the Museum of American Finance in New York, there is another which is well worth a look. I mentioned the book “This Time is Different” on a previous blog which maps the cyclical history of financial crisis from 1810 to 2010 for sixty-six countries representing 90% of world GDP. Click below to go to the site to order a poster or you can view it online by zooming in.

Cycles of Financial Crises 1810 to 2010

The giant wave in the top section of the graphic depicts the percentage of world GDP by region in crisis during the 200 year period. It includes the four major financial crisis types (sovereign default, banking, currency, and inflation) along with stock market crashes.

The bottom section provides a detailed chart of all sovereign defaults by country, region and year. It shows the repeating nature of sovereign default, a central theme of Reinhart and Rogoff’s book.

Created in partnership with the Princeton University Press, this graphic provides a comprehensive yet accessible view into the historical and current cycles of financial crises.

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