NZ winegrowers want change to excise tax

This morning on Radio New Zealand Morning Report programme there was an interview with New Zealand Wine Growers Chief executive Philip Gregan concerning the Government’s intention to raise the tax from July 2011, which will cost wineries another $1.00 per case.

His worry is that the winegrowers will have to bear the whole tax themselves because they can’t pass it on to the retailers. There are 600 – 700 wineries in New Zealand, but only two major players in the retail sector, which are the supermarkets. Mr Gregan says that gives power to the retailers which are very reluctant to accept price increases so it becomes impossible to pass on the annual tax increases. He says the Government should tax the consumer directly at retail, rather than producer level. Furthermore, despite the excise tax on wine going up more than 60% since 1991, the increase in the cost price index for wine in the past 19 years is only about half the overall CPI increase.

Excise tax: a tax collected by Inland Revenue Department (IRD) which is usually on a specific good within the country. Excises are distinguished from customs duties, which are taxes on importation.


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